Past Conferences

Performance:05 – A Defining Moment

A defining moment is a change generating event that reshapes consciousness, practices, environments and bodies. It is a moment of eruption for the artistic act or the art of the action.

It... read more

Performance 0:4

Performance 0:4 Program

Performance 0:4:  PEDAGOGY

What area stretches between Performance and Pedagogy? How and what does Performance educate? In what way is the... read more

Performance 0:3


Performance 0:3 Program

Performance 0:3 deals with Super-Powers, the artistic and performative examination of what lies beyond, the... read more

Performance 0:2

Performance 0:2 Conference, the second of its kind, deals with the idea of secondariness – acts of restoration and re-enactment of events that have already taken place and... read more

Performance 0:1

Performance 0:1 revolves around the issue of  involvements: Performance between the public and private spheres. In a year in which the personal and social involvement is at the center of the... read more