Performance:05 – A Defining Moment

A defining moment is a change generating event that reshapes consciousness, practices, environments and bodies. It is a moment of eruption for the artistic act or the art of the action.

It is an event that amasses moments of personal change, transforming them into a collective political upheaval. An event that is realized through a declaration, reorganization, manifesto, revolution, crisis and disaster; through the construction and destruction of the Other, the Big Bang.

A defining moment occurs within the flow of time and beyond it, in a place that has always been and was never before. It is a Myth or a Genesis narrative, a retroactive beginning that returns in the present to rewrite history.

In a defining moment, the potential for doing and performing emerges, a performance of suspension, oscillating between decision and action. It is a space of becoming for the necessary, impossible or, unknown. From there we shall leap into the future (or into the void).

Photo: Manuel Reinartz from Revolution Now! by Gob Squad

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