Perfomance 0:0

The International Performance Conference, Performance 0:0, is a platform for dialogue and encounter between artists, students and theorists. The term performance over time has become a basic and relevant concept in the art world, outside the boundaries of the world stage and associated phenomena and different mediums. In recent decades it has been used in a wide range of research, such as philosophy, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies and gender studies. The purpose of the conference is to deepen and disseminate the wealth of activity and research worldwide in performance and to create a dialogue with a broad-based,  international community.

The conference exists in the tension between an academic event , that raises research and discussion questions , to an art event that creates space for dialogue and action. It includes artists and scholars, panel discussions, lectures, performances and art classes. Each year, the conference seeks to create an  interdisciplinary event which refers specifically to a given place and time. It is  a place of meeting between experts and students, between artists and theorists from Israel and abroad who try together to offer different perspectives on the relationship between society and culture.

On the days of the Conference the  school performs as an open site,  in which the audience is invited to move from one event to another, drink coffee, talk , watch movies, and read in the school library.  The site includes lecture rooms, performance spaces, a gallery, a library, screening room, and cafe -restaurant

In addition, Performance 0:0 refers to the Talpiot neighborhood in which it takes place and gives it a special status. During the Conference the neighborhood takes on the event, which in turn echoes the history and its specific narrative of the neighbourhood.

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