The Prague Quadrennial

SharedSpace: Music Weather Politics

2013 / 2016

SharedSpace is a three-year international scenography research and artistic project that consists of a series of symposia (Gatherings and Retreats), experimental SharedSpace exhibitions (working titles: Music, Weather, Politics, Object, Makers, Space, Tribes) and SpaceLab the extensive educational component (series of workshops, performances, co-productions etc).

The main goal of the project is to create a platform for investigation of contemporary scenography; to explore scenography as an interdisciplinary field and an active agent in the creation of spatial/performative/social relationships. The aim is to experiment with creating new spaces for performative events in order to rethink its political potential through physical placing, positioning and spacing inspired (determined) by scenography/environment. SharedSpace further explores imagined spaces and their theatrical, fantastic and political potential.  Above all SharedSpace will propose a mental space for sharing between professional, students and wide public – interdisciplinary scenography platform built through research, presentations and creations.

The events for scenographers, theatre-makers, architects, theorists, (symposia, workshops, exhibitions, residencies etc) are wide open to professionals, students and wide public will take place throughout 2013 - 2016 in the Czech Republic, Italy, United Kingdom, Latvia, Poland, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Israel and Switzerland. 

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