Stage Lighting

Thursday 18:00 - 22:00
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Second yearThird year
Perceiving lighting as a visual element and as a factor that impacts emotions, using examples of from the theater, dance, film , painting and photography. The theoretical lessons will explore the objectives of stage lighting design, and basic concepts such as motivating light and restricting light. On the technical side we will learn the basics of electricity and safety when working with electricity, the optical systems of various stage lights as well as the specific uses of all the types light fixtures. During the practical lessons we will develop our sensitivity to the element of composition on the stage, which connects light, shadow and color. We will learn about the organization of the light, the controlled variables of light, and color theory , all this while setting up exercises on the stage lighting system including hanging lights, connecting dimmers and fixing directions . If possible we will learn about new technologies - "smart" lights and LED fixtures. We will also learn to program the lighting computer, build a cue list, timing and effects.