Action - Art - Action

Tuesday 12:30 - 15:30
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Third yearFourth year
During the course, we will attempt to clarify the place , role and functioning of the live act within the creative work of art and the place , role and functioning of the work of art as a live act. We will examine what relationship ( if any) exists between art and life , and also the relevance of the question. We will discuss the differences, if any, between the presentation, representation, image etc' and the act for its sake alone. We will look for starting points and different motives for action (as a functional part of the creative process, resulting from a situation or creating it, in the private or public sphere , personal, intimate, private or public ). We also examine the complexity or simplicity of acts, and their degree of concreteness or abstraction. We will learn tools that may be helpful for artists who wish to expand the creative territories outside the existing conventions.